ACMPR Complaint Packaging & Labeling
Immediate packaging labels showing the 4 cultivars next to the secondary (mailer) packaging.
Secondary (mailer) packaging shown with all 4-sides.  Company branding is primary on the front face, while the rear face offers up required legal copy. 
Client: (withheld), 2018
Design: Joel Yatscoff
Photo Credit: Joel Yatscoff

This packaging and labeling project was completed for a Canadian licensed producer (LP) of Cannabis.  Designed to meet the governing ACMPR regulations, this project communicated the female focused wellness angle of the brand.  However, the creative structural packaging solution utilized a stock mailer with custom elements to make it feel special but also meet tight budgets and low production volumes.  The simple corrugate insert allows for multiple purchase sizes and cultivars.  The standardized immediate packaging used the same lid, so the insert captures the lid and allows for small, medium, and large sized combinations.
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