Zenon Pilot
Client: Zenon Environmental Inc. (now GE Watersystems), 2005
Credit: Miles Keller Design Associates (MKDA/Carbon Design)
Photo Credit: Joel Yatscoff/Unknown

Then pilot was a functional test bed for municipalities to evaluate Zenon's patented membrane water filtration technology.  The existing model was a fabricated stainless steel frame which was expensive to manufacture and difficult to refit when the Pilot needed to be updated. 
This design used a proprietary system of struts and connectors to create a Pilot which would be less expensive to fabricate and could be refit easily.  The aluminum struts could be cut to fit in Zenon’s shop (not by an outside vendor) and the corner connectors simply plugged in the ends of the struts and connected to a corner unit.  The corner unit became a lifting point for cranes.  The extruded strut system also utilized Unistrut profiles to allow for easy integration of a wide variety of connectors and pipe clamps already in existence.
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