Newsol SmartPD Home Peritoneal Dialysis Device
Client: Newsol, 2008
Design: Aequus Global Solutions
Photo Credit: Joel Yatscoff

The design process of the Newsol SmartPD Peritoneal Dialysis machine.  Based on proprietary technology, this design used an existing technology that needed to have a revised package that would be better suited for use in the patient’s home.

The project began with basic concept sketches to establish a direction, then moved to massing models upon which more tailored sketches were created.  Simple CAD models followed to ensure the smallest possible package could still adequately house all the required components.  Scale sketch models of the CAD data were tested to ensure space constraints and functional goals were met.  The CAD models evolved and were rendered to provide the client with material for tradeshow’s and promotional brochures.  Alpha a beta prototypes were created and thoroughly tested. 
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