High 'n Low Shim
Client: Citizen:Citizen, 2005
Design: Bradley Price & Joel Yatscoff
Photo Credit: Joel Yatscoff

Few things are as frustrating as a wobbly table or chair.  While you are trying to enjoy a pleasant meal, the slightest movement sloshes your drinks around usually resulting in your beverage ending up on your lap.  Many people remedy this situation by cramming the nearest objects they can find under the short leg.  In most cases, the solution is the ubiquitous pink packets of Sweet n' Low sugar substitute.

NYTO asked, why not create a product meant specifically to address this behaviour and solve the problem of the rocking table?  Small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet, the High’n Low shim is a silicone wafer perfectly sized to wedge under that annoying table leg, so that you can enjoy your meal and your drinks free from mess.
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