Private Label Product Collection
Client: The Woods, 2021-2022
Design: Burning Tree
Photo Credit: Daniel Marchione

The Importance of Building Private Label Product Collections.

In the crowded retail cannabis landscape, it is critical to build awareness to be the go-to brand for your customers.  With limited marketing available due to tight regulations, one of the best ways to do this is through private label product lines: placing your logo on existing commodity products.  By doing this, you are able to 'borrow' some of the established brand trust and awareness and transfer it to your brand.  These product are also often shared, seen while in use, and lost making them great mobile marketing tools.
The Woods, shown here, began with custom 1.25 papers (also known as Spanish Size).  Three months later, these papers were popular enough for the Woods to sell custom King papers. Then they added Custom Cones six months after that.  Their last order had them sample seven different custom BIC lighters with unique artwork and colours. They wanted to test how other coloured lighters performed with popular cannabis strains.
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