Xacore LWH (Light Weight Headset)
Client: Comtrex/Xacore, 2009
Design: Aequus Global Solutions
Photo Credit: Joel Yatscoff

The LWH for Xacore was part of a cutting edge communications system intended for military and police tactical squadrons.  Using a patented Quad-mic system, the LWH gave situational awareness to the wearer while maintaining contact with team members and providing OHSA level ear protection from gun shots and other loud environmental sounds.
Development included close work with the electrical engineering team to ensure the headset design could package the electrical components and that the quad-mic system programming and calibration matched the mechanical positioning of the microphones.  The target market for this product was military tactical teams (SEAL, snipers, etc...) so the headset need to meet IP68 levels for dust and water submersion and be comfortable enough for user to wear for hours while under a helmet.
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